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Co-op Federation The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative has a commitment to create environmental and economic benefits for its members, by bringing together a networked community involved in regenerative agriculture and Holistic Management practices. Through the Co-op, members are able to access ecological health monitoring and branded promotion of regenerative produce, as well as take advantage of mentoring, a global community, conferences, field days, training and education. Read more about Member benefits.

Primary Activities

The Co-op aims to improve the recognition and support in the community and throughout the food and fibre supply chain, for the efforts of producers to regenerate agricultural land by creating a recognisable brand and quality assurance scheme for Australian regenerative agriculture practitioners and their products. Primary activities are to:
  1. Provide services for the ecological monitoring and regeneration of agricultural land.
  2. Promote produce from land where ecological monitoring and regenerative agriculture is taking place, particularly through development, control and marketing of a recognisable brand.

Membership Eligibility

The Co-operative aims to be as inclusive as possible and hence there are no required qualifications or specific eligibility for membership beyond:
  • genuinely supporting the expansion of regenerative agricultural practices with a focus on holistic approaches to improve ecological function in our landscapes,
  • giving preferential supply, where reasonably practicable and in the member's interest, to market partners approved by the co-operative, and
  • being able to use or contribute to the services of the Co-operative.
The AHMC is supportive of innovation and there is nothing in this provision that is intended to prescribe certain practices or approaches, with the common aim being to regenerate agricultural land.

To discuss membership of the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative, please feel free to contact us.

 Australian Holistic Management Cooperative