Land to Market Australia

Joining Us

Land to Market Australia is organised by the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative Limited. It began at the 2016 Dubbo Holistic Management Conference held by Hooves 4 Humus and the Australian Holistic Management Educators Group. In 2017 Farming Together awarded us a grant to establish Land to Market Australia through a co-operative. The establishment meeting took place in July 2018 and the co-operative was registered by ASIC as NSWC32856 in September 2018.

The primary activities of Land to Market Australia are to:

  1. Provide services for the ecological monitoring and regeneration of agricultural land.
  2. Promote produce from land where ecological monitoring and regenerative agriculture is taking place, particularly through development, control and marketing of a recognisable brand.
Co-op Federation

To discuss membership of Land to Market Australia, please feel free to contact us .