Field Trips

Multiple field trips are offered on 31 March 2021 and you can select one as part of Registration. Please note that most are limited in numbers so please book early to avoid disappointment. Each trip is a complete tour so you can only select one.

(1) Holbrook Grazing and Mixed Farming – Eggs, Beef, Lamb and Forestry Morning at Holbrook Paddock Eggs, a Holistically Managed egg production and chicken rearing business. Afternoon, visit Bill and Joy Wearn at Yammacoona mixed livestock and forestry. Extensive natural sequence farming and Holistic Management business.
(2) Multi Species Grazing and Carbon Farming Visit a commercial worm farm, Nutrisoil, and two multi-species pasture renovations at Mitta Mitta. Discussion about soil carbon sequestration and multi-species planting.
(3) Regenerative Agriculture in Wymah Valley Visit three regenerative farms in the Wymah Valley. Profitable farm business on small area, holistically managed beef business and organic olive and lamb.
(4) Heading North, Rebuilding Resilience into Regenerative Agriculture Business Ecological monitoring on a mixed farm at Boree Creek, sheep and grain farm with extensive tree and saltbush planning. In the afternoon, view economic fencing and water system to build a more profitable business.
(5) A Day Down by the Murray River Start at Wonga Wetlands for a guided walk and talk and Wiradjuri sculpture walk along the river, then coffee and lunch. Visit MAMA Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens.
(6) Fire Recovery and Livestock Marketing Visit a Jingellic farm impacted by recent fires and see how a young regenerative farming couple are managing strategies for recovery and building resilience into business. Workshop trading options and restocking options with KLR facilitator Graham Rees and experienced cattle producer and trader Jim Herriot.
(7) Heading West, Cropping and Mixed Farming Large cropping and sheep enterprise converting to regenerative practices at Oakland's. Afternoon at Savernake, visit a value-adding organic flour mill with heritage seeds and mixed cropping and grazing family business with two generations.