Land to Market Australia


27-30 November 2017: Environmental Outcomes Verification Training

Our EOV training was a major achievement in many ways. We trained nearly 40 people in EOV in four days. We had Byron Shelton from the Savory Institute coming from the USA to conduct the training. Now we have seven HM Educators trained as Hub Verifiers, and as a world first, we have nearly 20 producers trained as Field Monitors. All this means we have the building blocks for an early implementation of the brand 'Land to Market Australia' incorporating ‘Ecological Outcome Verified’.
EOV Training
EOV Training
EOV Training
EOV Training

30-31 October 2017: Second Tombarra Workshop

The Reference Group held a second face to face workshop on 31 October 2017 at the Tombarra events centre, near Braidwood NSW. Key topics discussed at the workshop were:
  • Marketing Plan and Brand
  • Promotion Campaign 1 in December 2017
  • EOV training - 27 to 30 November
  • Building in mental health aspects
  • Training Innovations Pilot

    19-20 September 2017: First Tombarra Workshop

    The Reference Group held a face to face workshop on 20 September 2017 at the Tombarra events centre near Braidwood NSW. The focus of the day was on making sure that Reference Group members have every opportunity to guide the direction of the Holistic Management Cooperative Project and remain informed about new developments.

    The full-day workshop on Wednesday 20th covered a number of topics: Savory Institute's Land to Market ecological outcomes verification (EOV), the profiles and requirements of the Reference Group, the Holistic context, draft marketing plans, the online facilities, the EOV training plan, training innovations, and accreditation and remuneration models.

    HMCR Workshop
    From left: Lesley White (speaking), Michael Fitzgerald, Emily Yarra (standing), Harry Watson, Hayden Druce (standing), Brian Marshall, Victoria Royds, Jane Keany, Margie Fitzpatrick, Martin Royds, Kirsty Altenburg (out of shot), Tony Hill (behind the camera).

    The workshop was preceded by a producers and quality food providers' dinner on the evening of 19th, with a catering theme of local food and wine. Several guests with experience at supplying wholesome food through regenerative agriculture spoke briefly on their experiences and outlook.