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A World-First Regenerative Verification Scheme

Welcome to the Land to Market Australia website, and thank you for visiting. We are a group of Australian landholders passionate about producing food and fibre in ways that are good for the environment and for our communities and clients.

Land to Market Australia is a regenerative supply-chain verification scheme created for the benefit of consumers, market partners and producers.

However, the challenge for those of us dedicated to stewarding and regenerating the land is not simple, and there is no getting away from the fact this is a complex system.

For many years, agriculture and the production of food and fibre has resulted in the massive degradation of billions of acres of land worldwide.

Now, new approaches are offering the unique ability to have a beneficial impact on soil, water and the environment. This is a viable and promising global solution to many of the looming crises that afflict our planet: food security, land degradation, climate change, and more.

Thanks to a generous grant provided by Farming Together, we are spearheading a program of supply-chain verification that will – for the first time – measure the impact of farming practices on ecological outcomes.

We're also establishing robust methodologies to measure and capture data, as well as providing a clearly structured participatory guaranteed scheme (PGS) for support, training, mentoring, data checking and verification for the farmers involved.

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